Supplies - Boxes, Buggies and Bins

Morter Buggy

Mortar Boxes, Mortar Buggies and Garbage Bin Hoppers are additional items provided in support of the building trades to facilitate the purchase of supplies required on the building site. Mortar Boxes with heavy duty reinforced corners and overlapping side plates hold 8 cubic feet of material and are designed to be easily transported by forklift or telescopic handler. The Mortar Buggies are identical to the Mortar boxes, equipped with wheels to facilitate movement in circumstances where material handling equipment cannot be used. The garbage bin hoppers, of heavy duty steel construction, are available in three sizes, (0.6 cubic yards, 1.5 cubic yards and 3.5 cubic yards). The smallest unit has two swivel and 2 solid casters, while the larger hoppers are skid mounted.


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