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Specify: Telescopic Boom (TL Series)    Vertical Mast (TS Series)
Wheels Driven / Wheels Steerable:
Intended Use / Application:
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Mast / Boom

Load Capacity: lbs. at 24" ( 610mm) Load Center
Lift Height:      Reach Length:
Carriage Width:      Fork Type & Size:

Load Backrest: Yes    No  
Free Lift Mast: Yes    No  
Fork Positioner: Yes    No  
Side Shift: Yes    No On Mast    On Carriage
 (Note: Not available on certain models)

Leveller: On Frame    On Carriage

Tires (Optional Field)


     Size:      Style:


     Size:      Style:


Front: Yes    No
Rear: Yes    No


Engine Type: Diesel   Gasoline   Propane  
Turbo Present: Non-Turbo   Turbo
Blockheater: Yes   No


Power Shift    Power Shuttle

Enclosed Cab

Enclosed Cab: Yes    No

Heater: Yes    No
Defogger Fan: Yes    No      Qty:
Wipers - Front: Yes    No
Wipers - Rear: Yes    No



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